Guesthouse Berlin


New podcast from our in zurich based friend «Marcism»

Marcism can move effortlessly from one genre to the next. The styles, which Marcism is able to play are almost inexhaustible. In addition to his great musical knowledge, the Zurich-based DJ, plays his tracks with a certainty that he can move every dancer anytime. But his greatest strength is house music. Fast moving basslines, impulsive synths and an eclectic choice of songs, thats what Marcism is standing for. We’re happy that he has done the number 4 of our podcast serie and wish you a guys a lot of fun while listening.




1. Zigan Aldi – Halay
2. Chaim – Ha Lalla
3. Bedouin – Set the controls for the heart of the sun ( Guy Gerber Remix)
4. Quentin Harris- EP#6
5.Toto Chiavetta- Nothing Really Matters
6. Frankey & Sandrino – Solaris
7.Jimpster – Step by Step
8. Naduve – Ready Set Go
9. Braunbeck- Virtual Life

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